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Posada la Cotía

A house...

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A few years ago, an Asturian customer left on the coffee table of the room named “los Ventolines” an envelope with a message: “Because we believe it reflects the spirit of your home”. Inside the envelope there was a poem entitled to an Asturian writer named BERTA PINAN and in his last stanza “A House” we read:

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one day the signs wrong,
a word, a face, the memory of what we wanted,
and thus build a house, just in case you come back.
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You will have the feeling of being in a loved place, having stopped the time, a time to feel the place, a time to…

We know that the house was built in 1860 by the date carved on the lintel of the front door.

The farm now divided was initially belonged to the “Garcia-Bustamante” family whose arms appear on the coat of arms, carved in the stone arch that leads into the house of our neighbors.

A member of the Bustamante family, delegate of the Spanish crown in a region located between Brazil and Argentina that currently holds the name “Cotia,” was ordered construction of what is now our home. The neighborhood where the house rose was named “Cotia” in memory of american land in which he lived.

Over time, the farm and the house changed ownership and uses. It was “parsonage Reocín Valley” and while doing rehabilitation to make it Posada Rural several forms of papal bulls dated in 1965 appeared under the original chestnut wooden floor.

Hotel services

  • Complimentary internet ifi
  • Salon with library
  • Free private outdoor parking
  • Garden and terrace
  • Pets not allowed
  • Buy local products
  • Buffet breakfast with local products
  • We speak english
  • VISA | Mastercard accepted
  • Daily cleaning rooms
  • Central heating
  • Tourist information
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As in every house , you will find spaces full of items that, with all the love in the world we have included over the years. A living room – library, breakfast area… . We’ll tell you when you come the little treasures that inhabit it.
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Surrounded by nature and only 5 min from Santillana del Mar or Comillas, La Cotía will be your refuge to rest and regain strength to start a new day of discoveries and experiences. And on a clear night, escape looking at a sky full of stars.
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we offer one full of energy with homemade products and some other typical sweets from Cantabria. Besides, in summer you can have it in the garden accompanied by the first rays of sunshine and freshness of the morning, if you like.